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Managed Fund

Why our PMA structure is better than managed funds


At any time, you can terminate the fee arrangement with us and manage the securities yourself. You will have no capital gains tax (CGT) events triggered if you wish to transfer the listed securities held within your PMA to another broking account to self-manage (transfer fees may apply). 


You can invest in model portfolios of listed securities covering a range of asset classes such as Australian equities, international equities, listed property and fixed income, combining investment expertise with complete administration of your portfolio including ongoing rebalancing and full tax reporting. 

Capped Investment Fees and low brokerage

Our investment management fees start at just $99 p.a. and capped at $451 p.a. for total investments over $82,000*. You can also benefit from low brokerage costs of $5.50 or 0.11% (whichever is greater on any buys or sells). Whether you’re investing $100,000 or $10M, you will never pay InvestSMART more than $451 p.a.* across our entire range of capped fee portfolios.

See the range of InvestSMART's diversified capped-fee portfolios here.

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