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A simple, cost-effective way to invest in a diversified ethical portfolio without the usual high fees

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The Ethical Growth Portfolio is invested in a blend of 5 – 15 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), with more of an emphasis on ethical ‘growth’ assets like Australian and international shares that have the potential to appreciate in value over time.

Approved product: This portfolio is available through your Professionally Managed Account (PMA).
Objective: Invest in a portfolio of 5-15 exchange traded funds (ETFs), with more of an emphasis on ethical ‘growth’ assets like Australian and international shares that have the potential to appreciate in value over time.
Suggested Timeframe: {{ modelPortfolio.timeframe || 'N/A' }}
Suitable goals:
Looking for a high allocation to ethical growth assets
Growing your retirement nest egg or superannuation
Saving early for your child’s education
Higher allocation to growth assets
Risk: {{ modelPortfolio.riskRatingFull || 'N/A' }}
Minimum initial investments: {{ (modelPortfolio.minimumInitialInvestment | currency:$:0) || 'N/A' }} (or $4,000 with Fundlater)

Capped management fees

Amount invested Our capped fees
$0 to $100,000 0.55% p.a.
$100,000+ $550 p.a.
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Performance# to {{ modelPortfolio.returnDate | date:'dd MMMM yyyy' }} (all returns are annualised)

3 months 6 months 1 year 3 yrs p.a. 5 yrs p.a. Since Inception p.a.
Total Return {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Month | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return6Month | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return1Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return5Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.returnInception | percentage:2:100:'N/A' }}
Average of {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.peerCount }} peers funds^ {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Month | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return6Month | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return1Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return5Year | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.returnSinceInception | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }}
Excess to Peers {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Month && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Month ? modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Month - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Month : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return6Month && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return6Month ? modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return6Month - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return6Month : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return1Year && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return1Year ? modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return1Year - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return1Year : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Year && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Year ? modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return3Year - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return3Year : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return5Year && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return5Year ? modelPortfolio.stats.returns.return5Year - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.return5Year : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }} {{ modelPortfolio.returnInception && modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.returnSinceInception ? modelPortfolio.returnInception/100 - modelPortfolio.benchmark.peers.returns.returnSinceInception : null | percentage:2:1:'N/A' }}
Note: Performance shown is theoretical from 1 November 2020 and includes management fees but excludes brokerage and other trading costs.
Note: Since Inception (SI) 1 Nov 2020. All returns are annualised.

Diversified portfolios

Investors looking for a mix of asset classes in one portfolio.
Diversified portfolios 1 year p.a. 3 year p.a. 5 year p.a.
{{ i.displayName.includes("(") ? i.displayName.substring(0, i.displayName.indexOf('(')) : i.displayName }} {{ == 'SMA' && != 3 ? 'Portfolio' : == 'Managed Fund' ? 'Fund' : '' }} {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn1Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}} {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn3Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}} N/A {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn5Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}} N/A Learn more Open Account

As of {{ lowCostPerformanceDate | date:'dd MMM yyyy'}} after management and admin fees.

{{ i.shortName.includes("(") ? i.shortName.substring(0, i.shortName.indexOf('(')) : i.shortName }} {{ == 'SMA' && != 3 ? 'Portfolio' : == 'Managed Fund' ? 'Fund' : '' }}
1 year p.a. {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn1Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}}
3 year p.a. {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn3Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}}
5 year p.a. {{i.stats.returns.adjReturn5Year | percentage:2:0:'N/A'}}
S.I.* (% p.a) {{i.returnInception | percentage:2:100:'N/A'}}
Inception Date {{i.inceptionDate | date:'dd MMM yyyy'}}
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As of {{ lowCostPerformanceDate | date:'dd MMM yyyy'}} after management and admin fees.


Yes you can. You are able to set up a regular contribution plan or add funds at any point for your InvestSMART PMA.

When setting up your account you can elect to have a monthly direct debit from your bank account into your InvestSMART PMA. The minimum monthly direct debit amount is $100.

If you are already invested click on Investment Preferences to set up or amend the regular contribution plan in the Quick Links section or the My Account section when you are logged in.

To add funds whenever you wish click on the Add Funds link in the Quick Links section or in My Account.

Yes, you can easily switch between investment models and yes you can hold more than one investment model in the same account however you can only hold one diversified portfolio per account. If you wish to invest in multiple diversified portfolios you will need to hold multiple accounts. 

To switch between investment models simply click on Modify Allocations via the Quick Links section or within My Account. There are no administration fees for changing between models. The only costs associated would be the brokerage charges for selling and buying the new holdings.


Yes. Investors have legal ownership of the shares and they are held on a HIN (Holder Identification Number) registered with CHESS in the investors name.

Should you wish to withdraw your investment with InvestSMART you can transfer your shares out to a brokerage account of your choice. 

Find out more in the Help Centre.

Yes, your InvestSMART PMA will receive dividends from the holdings. InvestSMART does not participate in dividend reinvestment plans. As the dividends from your holdings are paid they will go into the cash component of your account. You will see these via the Dividends & Interest tab and Deposits & Withdrawals tab within the My Account or quick links section.

Clients can elect to have the dividends paid out in a monthly income sweep. At the end of each month all dividends and interest received by your account will be tallied and paid out to the bank account you nominated in your application form.

If you do not have an income sweep in place the dividends will remain as cash and invested when your portfolios cash percentage exceeds the investment models.

Yes. You will receive a comprehensive tax statement at the end of financial year and you will receive the franking you're entitled to once you submit your tax return.

You can view and manage your InvestSMART PMA online. 

If you are already invested, visit the My Account section of the website and select My Investments.

Find out more in the Help Centre.

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