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What you can control ... fees

In my work for Eureka Report, I interview a lot of fund managers. They're almost always good people, and almost always men, and usually very nerdy men at that. It takes a particular type of nerd to be a fund manager.
10hrs ago

Why the dead outperform the living

This article was originally published back in 2017 but with recent market volatility and a never ending stream of news and coverage of the global economy we thought we would refresh it. It's a timely reminder not to mistake activity for achievement.
2wks ago

Introducing InvestSMART Q&A

On our sister sites, Eureka Report and Intelligent Investor the Q&A sections are one of the most popular features. The sections are so useful we've decided to introduce Q&A to InvestSMART.
2wks ago

Paul's Insights: Spring clean your investments this tax time

It's time to dust off the calculator and start poring through receipts - tax time is around the corner, and that means a refund could soon be coming your way. The end of the financial year is also a time to take stock of your investment portfolio.
2wks ago

Paul's Insights: Time to flex your money muscle

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen Australians hunker down their finances - spending less and tucking away more cash. That's seen our household savings rate jump from 3.5% (of income) in 2019, to 5.5% at present. But plenty of people could be missing out on easy ways to boost their bank balance.
3wks ago

Paul's Insights: Income funds - worth a look in these low rate days

The Reserve Bank's decision to keep the official cash rate on hold at 0.25% for June comes as no surprise. Our central bank has already made it clear that rates are likely to stay at record lows for some time - certainly until the economy picks up. That's great news for anyone with debt, though not so good if you rely on interest-bearing investments for income.
4wks ago

An investment strategy for retirees

With dividends being slashed retirees may be reconsidering their current portfolio strategy. Holding the banks, a supermarket and a telco isn't going to cut it right now.
1mth ago

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