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Is the market coming into value?

Alan Kohler speaks with Portfolio Manager at InvestSMART, Nathan Bell, about whether the market is coming into value and which individual stocks could be appealing for investors.
5hrs ago

Video: 2020 InvestSMART Forum

Our chosen trio shares their views on the coronavirus crash, chances of a recession, oil price war and what it means for you and your investments at InvestSMART's 2020 National Tour.
1wk ago

Paul's Insights: Financial advice? Watch the fees

Setting yourself up for financial success works best when you follow a financial plan, and in some cases, this can mean drawing on the support of a financial adviser. But be mindful of the fees.
1mth ago

"What are you doing about..."

We stay the course knowing full well events will happen. The best way to deal with market downturns is not to predict them. Heaven knows a few months ago we would have never predicted a virus from China would cause a correction.
1mth ago

eBook: 8 steps to reaching your financial goals

Do you or a friend or family member need help getting started saving and investing? We've created a free e-book to help you get started on the right path. If you're already well and truly on that path this report could help you check how you are doing or to pass on to friends and family to get them started on a similar path.
1mth ago

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