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Paul's Insights: 2018 Wrap-up

To sum up 2018, Paul talks about the property downturn in the last few months and what caused it, why he's not fussed by share markets going down, InvestSMART's new capped fees model and the significance of $451 and why downturns can be good for regular investors. Paul's Insights will return in 2019.
4wks ago

Nathan's View: Don't sweat a downturn

If your finances are conservative and you can take a long-term view, then downturns should be thought of as nothing more than the wonderful, rare buying opportunities that they are.
1mth ago

The rise of the value pretender

Plenty of fund managers are telling us it's a tough time to be a value investor. Is it time to look at things differently?

1mth ago

Why network effects matter

Online classifieds businesses are really just bytes in a computer, right? Maybe so, but to dismiss them as such ignores the power of their large and sticky audiences.

1mth ago

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