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Frequently asked questions & other supporting information

You should read the PMA target market determination to see the target market for each portfolio. In addition to this, InvestSMART has several tools and guides to help you select the right portfolio.

You will notice a common thread throughout the guides, the investment time frame. We recommend investors look at the suggested time frame associated with each portfolio to see if it aligns with their investment goal.

Here is a list of tools and guides to help select the right portfolio:


Additionally, we have InvestSMART Bootcamp, which is a comprehensive investment course designed to get you started on the right foot.

Explore Bootcamp here.

InvestSMART is pleased to announce that its two-factor authentication (2FA) - or two-step verification security system is now live across all its portfolio platforms, and the Intelligent Investor site.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) - or two-step verification - is a security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Instead of using a single factor to authenticate your identity, like a password, you can use a second, one-time code sent to you via SMS or generated in an authenticator mobile application like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy

How do I enable 2FA?

The 2FA system is opt-in. To activate it, please read the following steps.

You can click here to go directly to this feature or click on the ‘My Account’ button in the top right corner and then on the My Account Tab. You will see the third option down the list is Two-Factor Authentication.

There are two different 2FA methods to choose from:

  1. Get a code via SMS/text or

  2. Generate a code via an Authenticator Application like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.

You can choose both methods. If you enable both, the authenticator app will be used as the primary method.

Method for turning on the SMS/Text Message.

  1. Turn on the SMS/Text Message toggle.

  2. An SMS/text is sent to your mobile device with a code

  3. Enter the code and click the “Verify & Save Setting” button.

  4. An ‘All Done’ message will appear confirming your SMS authentication is set up

Method for turning on the Authenticator Application

  1. Turn on the Authenticator Application toggle

  2. Download the Authenticator of choice and then use the generated QR code

  3. Enter the code and click the “Verify Code” button.

  4. An ‘All Done’ message will appear confirming your Authenticator App is set up

Once you have activated your two-factor authentication (2FA), you will now have an extra step at login. As usual, your first step will be entering your email and password combination. The second step will require you to enter a valid 2FA code from either the SMS you receive or generate the code via your authenticator app of choice.

Please be aware that you can:

  • Select the “Don’t ask again on this device for 30 days” option.

    • Choosing this means a 2FA code won’t be required for 30 days.

    • Your login process will be as usual on that particular device/browser.

  • With 2FA enabled, you should be able to bypass the Google reCAPTCHA process.

Need help?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please click on the salmon-coloured help button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

This help button will begin a live chat with a team member during office hours. If your query is outside office hours, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is a Specific Contribution?

A specific contribution is when you want to add funds to either a new portfolio or an individual portfolio inside your account.

How do I do this?

You can add funds to a new portfolio alongside your existing portfolio(s) or choose to add funds to a specific portfolio online.

Please note that you can only hold one diversified portfolio per account but can hold multiple single asset class portfolios. 

If you wish to hold multiple diversified portfolios then you will be required to open multiple accounts. 

Log on and go to Portfolio Actions > Add funds.

  • Select 'Add Funds'
  • Enter Contribution Amount by Dollar Figure ($)
  • Provide New Allocation Breakdown by Percentage (%) and then select Next
  • Select Verify to receive a Code via Email or SMS
  • Enter Code to Complete Verification

You'll be shown and emailed your Bpay details so you can make the funding payment.

If you change your mind and haven't sent funds, you can cancel the request. This will allow you to start a new request.

Examples of each contribution type

Adding a new Model Portfolio(s) to your PMA

You have $10,000 in the Balanced Portfolio already and want to add a new $10,000 investment into the Internatinonal Equities Portfolio.

Contributing to a specific Model Portfolio(s) within your existing PMA

You have invested $10,000 in the Balanced Portfolio and $10,000 in the International Equities Portfolio but only want to add $5,000 to the Balanced Portfolio.

No, you're charged the one management fee.

  • You can one diversified portfolio and/or multiple single asset class portfolios per account under the capped fee
  • If you wish to invest in multiple diversified portfolios then you will need to open multiple accounts each subject to their own fee

If the portfolio model is part of our capped fee range, the one management fee will apply to your account as a whole.

Fees matter and have a significant impact on your net investment returns. We have a simplified fee structure of 0.55% p.a. capped at $550 per year no matter how much you invest.*

For example, if you hold the InvestSMART Balanced Portfolio and the InvestSMART International Portfolio, you will only pay a maximum of $550 p.a. on your portfolio and not $550 p.a. per model.

Account balance tiers            

Investment management fees p.a.

$0 to $100,000


More than $100,000


* InvestSMART's capped Management Fee (capped at $550 p.a.) does not include fees charged within any ETF held in this portfolio, estimated to be approximately 0.18% (indirect cost ratio). Brokerage costs are not included in this calculation. For more information about fees and costs, please see the Product Disclosure Statement and Investment Menu.

If you are an existing investor you would open a new InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account (PMA) is if you are investing via a different entity, for example you have a personal account but also wish to invest in joint names or an in your self-managed super fund, or if you are wanting to invest in multiple diversified portfolios. 

As an existing investor you can add funds to your existing PMA or add a new investment portfolio to your PMA via the Add Funds feature in My Account. 

Here are some examples of when you would open a new account:

  • You're a new client with no account
  • You want to change or open an account under a different legal entity like a company, trust, or SMSF
  • You want to add your partner as a legal owner
  • You want to invest in multiple diversified portfolios
  • You previously closed your account 

Yes, you can withdraw your funds at any time using the Withdrawal Request feature via the My Account section.

Your investments are not subject to a minimum investment period, and there is no exit fee.

You should, however, always consider the suggested timeframe of your chosen model portfolio(s) and associated brokerage charges to sell your holdings.

The holdings are very liquid and trade as ETFs on the ASX.

We usually have funds returned to clients in 4-5 business days from the submitted withdrawal request. Withdrawal requests are processed the following day they're received.

If you have multiple model portfolios in your InvestSMART PMA you can choose which investment the funds are drawn from via the Withdrawal Request section.