InvestSMART Fundlater

Opening an InvestSMART PMA with Fundlater

An InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account using a Fundlater non-recourse loan is only available for individual and joint accounts.

No. One Fundlater non-recourse loan per investor. You can have an InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account with a Fundlater non-recourse loan in an account in your own name as an individual and an account in joint names, but you cannot have multiple accounts in your own name.

Investors must be over the age of 18. There is no maximum age limit. Currently, accounts for adults as trustee for minors is not available for Fundlater. Adults can open a standard InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account as trustee for a minor.

No, there are no credit checks. Investors will need to invest a minimum of $4,000 to fund their InvestSMART Professionally Managed Account and InvestSMART will credit their account with a further $6,000 via a Fundlater non-recourse loan.

Yes, you can fund with any amount (minimum $4,000) and still be credited $6,000 or less if you desire. For example, you can fund with $5,000 and be credited $5,000 or fund with $7,000 and be credited $6,000.

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You will be provided with a BPAY biller code and reference number to make your payments. You will also receive email and text notifications when each instalment is due.

No, at the moment the only payment facility available is BPAY.

The minimum amount is $320 per month. You can pay your Fundlater non-recourse loan off quicker if you want.

Every month on the account opening anniversary date. You will be sent email and text reminders as the due date approaches.

If you don’t make one of your $320 monthly payments, we will send a reminder by email on the 1st, 5th, and 9th day following the missed payment. If payment has not been received 10 days after your monthly payment date, all securities within your portfolio will be sold. You will receive back the portfolio value minus the outstanding instalments.

If, for whatever reason, you will not be able to pay your installment on the payment date, please contact us as soon as possible.