Refer a Friend Program Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your use of InvestSMART’s Refer a Friend Program (Program) in conjunction with the services provided by InvestSMART Group Limited (InvestSMART).

Terms and Conditions

  1. Referrer Eligibility: You (“Referrer”) can only refer family and friends to one of our products and services if you have an active account for an eligible product or service (see paragraph 3 for Eligible Products).
  2. Referee Eligibility: The Program will only apply if your friend or family member (“Referee”) does not at the time of referral have an active paid account and has not had an active paid account within the past 12 calendar months. For the avoidance of doubt, you may not refer yourself or an entity you have a beneficial or legal ownership in to be the Referee (e.g. by using separate email addresses or account names under a company or trust).
  3. Eligible Products: The Program only applies to those products that are specified by InvestSMART on the Refer a Friend tab in your InvestSMART My Account. InvestSMART reserves the right to amend the list of eligible products within the Program at its sole discretion and without providing you with notice.
  4. Referral: Both Referrer and the Referee will be eligible to participate in the Program if, within 90 days from the date that the Referrer’s personalised referral code (“Referral Code”) is generated by the Referrer:
    • the Referee applies the Referral Code to a new paid account; AND
    • either:
      1. for an investment in a financial product: the Referee funds their new investment account; and/or
      2. for the purchase of a subscription: the Referee pays for their new annual subscription. A subscription upgrade or purchase of a bundle is eligible as a single Referral.
  5. InvestSMART reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Referee with respect to whether they are a new customer or as otherwise deemed necessary and may determine any Referee to be ineligible in its sole discretion.
  6. Referral Reward: Subject to the Referral Limits, you and the Referee will receive the applicable Referral Reward promoted at the time of capturing the Referral Code. The Referral Reward can change at any time after that Referral Code is generated and any change in the Referral Reward will not be reflected in any Referral Code generated prior to that change. The applicable Referral Reward will be reflected against the referral status within your InvestSMART My Account.
  7. Referral Limits: A Referrer can only refer a Referee once, regardless of how many products that the Referee purchases. This means that if the Referee purchases an annual subscription and funds a new investment account, both the Referrer and Referee will receive the Referral Reward once.
  8. Tracking Your Referral(s): You will be able to track the success and status of your referrals in your InvestSMART My Account.
  9. Application of Your Referral Reward: The Referral Reward is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
    • The way that you will receive your Referral Reward is shown in the below table:
      Referrer product Referee product Referral Reward application
      PMA Subscription Referrer Referee
      Yes Yes PMA PMA PMA
      Yes Yes Sub Sub Sub
      Yes No PMA PMA PMA
      Yes No Sub PMA Sub
      No Yes PMA Sub PMA
      No Yes Sub Sub Sub
      No No PMA None PMA
      No No Sub None Sub
    • If your Referee acquires more than one Eligible Product then the Referral Reward will be applied based on the first product that the Referee acquired.
    • If you receive a complimentary product or service, you will not be eligible to receive a Referral Reward but your Referee will be eligible to receive the Referral Reward.
  10. The Referrer will not have any involvement with a Referee client's account after the initial referral. Specifically, you agree not to do any of the following:
    • help set up the referred client's account;
    • solicit or place orders or have any other ongoing involvement in the Referee client's account;
    • act as financial advisor or hold power of attorney or discretionary trading authority over a Referee client's account;
    • act as a point of contact between the referred client and InvestSMART; or distribute advertising or marketing materials about InvestSMART without written consent.
  11. You are not, and will not hold yourself out as, an employee or agent of InvestSMART.
  12. InvestSMART reserves the right to modify or cancel the Program at any time without prior notice to you.