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Be part of the fee revolution, grow your money and not your fees.

Capped investment fees.
An Australian
We introduced capped fees on all of our portfolios to make sure you grow your money & not your fees.
Simple and transparent capped fees from $99 a year. No matter how much you invest you won’t pay us more than $451 p.a.
A great team with a
long-term track record
Paul Clitheroe & Alan Kohler head up our expert team of advisers and money managers.
Our professionally-tailored investment portfolios consistently beat most of our peers.
How it works
From finding your right portfolio to rebalancing your account, we’ve got you covered. Learn more
Choose the right portfolio
We help you find a portfolio that suits your goal.
Personalise your investment
Easily automate regular contributions, withdrawals and have full control over your income payments.
Professionally managed
Your portfolio is professionally managed by a team of experts.
Sit back & relax
Hassle-Free Account Management with 24x7 online access to your investments.
Our performance
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