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Kickstart your kid’s financial future

A head start for your kids with InvestSMART 

Investing for your kids is a great way to set them up for financial success. It’s never too late (or too early) to teach your kids about money. InvestSMART makes investing for kids easy and accessible.

  • Exchange
    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    ETFs let you invest in a huge range of companies in one transaction. You can own hundreds of Australian shares, international shares, bonds and more. They’re a great low cost option to create a diversified portfolio.  
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  • InvestSMART
    InvestSMART portfolios
    Our investment portfolios are diversified across 5 different ETFs. You get access to the investment returns of hundreds of the best Australian and global companies. We manage everything for you, taking the hassle out of doing it yourself.
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  • Fundlater
    Invest $4,000 and get a $10,000 investment portfolio. We loan you $6,000 (no margin calls) and you pay us back over 20 months. Fundlater helps you take advantage of compound returns and encourages you to focus on long-term investing.
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Simply tell us how long you plan to invest, your goals, savings and other investments. We’ll recommend a suitable investment portfolio for you.

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About InvestSMART

About InvestSMART

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