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The life you dream of is within reach when you invest for your long term goals. Our professionally managed portfolios make it easy to get started investing and stay invested.

  • Diversified
    Diversified investments
    Our professionally managed investment portfolios are spread across a range of ETFs to match your investment timeline and suit your level of comfort with risk.
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  • Automated
    Automated investing
    No paperwork, no stock picking, no stress. Your money and dividends are automatically reinvested every quarter. We automate investing so you can get on with life.
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  • Low
    Low cost
    Investing shouldn’t be expensive. Starting at $55 p.a and capped at $550 p.a. Our fees are low so you earn more money in the long term.
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Our capped fee difference

Over the years compounding fees eat into your investment returns. InvestSMART keeps its fees low, so you pay less to invest.
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About InvestSMART

About InvestSMART

InvestSMART Group Ltd is a leading Australian digital wealth adviser. Our goal is to provide quality advice, easy-to-use tools and research to help you achieve your financial aspirations. Our fees are simple and transparent. No matter how much you invest, they're capped* at $550 a year.