Robo advice - excellence through automation

InvestSMART lead the market in bringing Australian investors the latest innovations in automated investment management - also known as robo advice.
The benefits of robo advice
Less emotion, more precision
Studies show that irrational behaviour consistently costs investors money. Whether trying to time the market, failing to rebalance or trading too often, investors let emotion cloud their judgement. By automating best practice decision-making, we help you avoid emotion and take the worry out of investing.
Low turnover portfolios
At InvestSMART, every investor automatically invests in a low turnover portfolio with securities held in each investor's name so no tax disadvantages from other investor's actions. Low turnover and separated assets means less tax drag on performance.
Portfolio management made easy
Our technology also helps put you in control. We automatically prompt you with timely reminders when you reach important investment milestones that require you to make new decisions.
Cost savings through transaction automation
Our technological capabilities deliver faster, more cost-effective trades with lower brokerage fees. At InvestSMART, decisions based on emotions play no part in our investment process.
What is robo advice?

Robo advice is the latest innovation in investment management from the US. Globally, robo advisers are forecast to manage around $255 billion in investor capital by 2015.

A robo adviser like InvestSMART uses digital technology and a web-based service platform to simplify, automate and improve investment management, with lower costs.

Our automation extends to every part of the investment process - from building tax-efficient diversified portfolios, to ongoing management and communications.

As your robo advisor, we offer complete transparency, enabling you to log into your account from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So you can see exactly how your investments are tracking, anytime, anywhere.

Why it works

Experience shows that successful investing begins with a careful examination of the fundamentals of a potential investment. By analysing revenues, assets and debts, then using that data to make calm, rational decisions, investors give themselves the best chance of succeeding over time.

Unfortunately, history also shows that most investors are affected by emotion and behavioural biases - even experienced professional fund managers. And human management can also be expensive, creating high fees that eat into your returns.

Fortunately, a technological revolution is at hand. By building proven investment principles into an automated system, robo advisers like InvestSMART help astute investors take the emotion out of investing, and achieve better results at lower cost.

More about InvestSMART, Australia's first robo adviser to cap management fees

Robo advice and InvestSMART Diversified Portfolios are the latest offerings from one of Australia's leading investment websites. With over 600,000 members. 90,000 portfolios and 20,000 members invested through our platform, InvestSMART has been a trusted name in Australian investing since 1999.

Today, we are dedicated to delivering improved investment management and growth opportunities to our customers through our portfolios of globally diversified Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We also provide wealth protection and asset management strategies through our automated robo-advice technologies. And we look forward to bringing you more automated investment opportunities in the future.

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