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Investment Fees* - An Australian first

Low fees, big impact

How our capped fees* work?

Our capped investment fees are tiered depending on your investment amount. The fees start at just $99 p.a. and are capped at $451 p.a. for any investments over $82,000*.
Amount Invested
${{ investmentAmount | number:0}}
Our Investment Fees *
${{ totalCost | number:2 }} per year

{{ investmentFees | number : 2 }}% p.a.
Competitors Fees ^
${{ competitorAnnualCost | number:2 }} per year

Our capped investment fees
The fees start at just $99 p.a. and are capped at $451 p.a. for any investments over $82,000*.
Amount invested Our investment fees
$10,000 to $18,000 $99 p.a.
$18,000 to $82,000 0.55% p.a.
$82,000+ $451 p.a. capped fees*
Lowest Brokerage
The greater of $5.50 per trade or 0.11% of the value of the trade paid entirely to 3rd party broker
Indirect Costs
0.04% - 0.5% p.a. charged by ETF provider within each ETF in your chosen portfolio
No Other Fees
No administration & performance fees*
Capped Investment Fees*
- An Australian first
Our capped fees was built on the simple concept of giving people the choice to refuse to pay fees for underwhelming performance. People who demand better. People like you.
It's fees rather than returns that make the biggest difference to your investment’s compounding returns. Learn more about the devastating impacts of fees. Download Fees Report.


Under our Professionally Managed Accounts, you will gain the following benefits:
1. Professionally managed investment portfolio: An investment portfolio managed by InvestSMART's investment team.
2. You own the securities: The investor holds legal ownership and the underlying securities are registered under your name.
3. Reporting: Complete end of year Accounting and tax reporting is provided on your investment. 
4. Transparency: Investors are provided full visibility of all stocks held in your portfolio.
5. Tailored & Unique Portfolio: Under a PMA, we offer multiple model portfolios to choose from so that you can create a customised and diversified portfolio to suit your individual needs. Our model portfolios will differ in the levels of risk and return, and each model offers a different investment emphasis (such as Australian & international equities, property securities, international ETFs, etc).
6. Account Management: The paperwork and administration is taken care of, reducing the administrative burden on investors.
7. Tax effective: You only pay tax on gains & income you received.
8. Inflows & outflows: Your investment will not be impacted by the decisions of other model portfolio investors. An example of this is when a pooled investment like a managed fund receives redemption requests at the bottom of the market and is a forced seller at the worst time.
9. Flexibility with income/distributions: Choose to receive the dividends directly into an account of your choice or set up a regular payment or request drawdowns on an adhoc basis.


We recognise that over the long term not one asset class is guaranteed to deliver substantial outperformance on a consistent basis and that attempting to time the turning points across the various asset classes is near impossible.

Lower Fees

Compounded over time, even a small difference in fees can result in substantial differences to your return and a higher management fee is no guarantee of better performance.


We believe in absolute transparency. This directly impacts how we manage conflicts and report our performance. We take disclosure, conflicts and transparency extremely seriously. 

Once the funds have cleared in the InvestSMART Applications Account they will be transferred over night into your investment account. Once settled in the investment account our team will buy the holdings in the model/s you have selected.