management fees.
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Understanding the total cost of investing
It’s fees rather than returns that make the biggest difference to your investment’s compounding returns.
We’ve negotiated fixed costs with our service providers, and partner only with those who hold a similar philosophy when it comes to low fees to ensure our costs are kept at a minimum.
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How capped fees work?

Our capped management fees are tiered depending on your investment amount. The fees start at just $55 p.a. and are capped at $550 p.a. for any investments over $100,000*.
Amount invested Our management fees
$0 to $100,000 0.55% p.a.
$100,000+ $550 p.a. capped fees*
Amount Invested
${{ investmentAmount | number:0}}
Our Management Fees *
${{ totalCost | number:2 }} per year

{{ investmentFees | number : 2 }}% p.a.
Competitors Fees ^
${{ competitorAnnualCost | number:2 }} per year

Our capped fees: Our capped fee portfolios have no administration & performance fees – just the way we like it.
Lowest brokerage: The greater of $4.40 per trade or 0.088% of the value of the trades to buy (or sell) the securities within your portfolio.
Indirect Costs: 0.09% - 0.30% p.a. Our portfolios use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and these fees are charged by third party ETF providers.

Our capped fee difference

In the short term, you won’t see the difference of fees, but compound the difference over time & the gap grows.
More on capped fees
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Growth of $10,000 as at {{ selectedModel.modelPortfolioPerformancesLastDate }}
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Be part of the capped fee revolution. Grow your money, not your fees.

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