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What is a Professionally Managed Account (PMA)?

Unlike a managed fund, a PMA is not a pooled investment. A Professionally Managed Account (PMA) is an investment portfolio managed by our investment team that is unique and tailored to your individual needs. Under a PMA, you hold legal ownership and the underlying securities are registered under your name.

Under a PMA, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Professionally managed investment portfolio: An investment portfolio managed by InvestSMART's investment team.
  • You own the securities: The investor holds legal ownership and the underlying securities are registered under your name. As a result, the investor has a better tax position.
  • Reporting: Accounting and tax reporting on their investments. Consolidated reporting is provided online with complete and concise reporting available.
  • Transparency: Investors will see/know which securities we have invested in as they would be if they had been purchased them directly.
  • Tailored & Unique Portfolio: Under a PMA, we offer multiple model portfolios to choose from so that you can create a customised and diversified portfolio to suit your individual needs. Our model portfolios will differ in the levels of risk and return and each model offers a different investment emphasis (such as Australian & international equities, property securities, international ETFs, etc).
  • Account Management: The paperwork and administration is taken care of, reducing the administrative burden on investors.
  • Tax effective: You only pay tax on gains & income you received.
  • Inflows & outflows: Your investment will not be impacted by the decisions of other model portfolio investors. An example of this is when a pooled investment like a managed fund receives redemption requests at the bottom of the market and is a forced seller at the worst time.
  • Flexibility with income/distributions: Choose to receive the dividends directly into an account of your choice or set up a regular payment or request payments on an adhoc basis.