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Looking to set up data feeds access for your accountant or advisor? 

Please fill out the third party authority form for data feeds access and email to

We have dedicated feeds for Xplan, Class, Praemium, IDS super, BGS, BGL and Complii - however this list is constantly evolving so feel free to reach out if you use a different platform and we can investigate further. 

To set up a third party authority request for your accountant, advisor or auditor, we require you to fill out the following form and email to

Third party authority form 

Please note, we are unable to provide full-access to a third party to make allocation changes, withdrawals and other portfolio actions. This does not apply to power of attorneys.

You can generate a Cash Transactions Report and other reports online in PDF or CSV format.

Log in and go to Reports.

You can generate the following:

  • Investment Portfolio Report: Provides a valuation of the portfolio as of 30 June for the financial year chosen

  • Cash Transactions Report: A cash transaction statement for the date range selected

  • Investment Income Report: Shows dividends received and franking information

  • Realised Capital Gains Report: Shows capital gains/losses that have occurred

  • Unrealised Capital Gains Report: Shows capital gains/losses that have not yet occurred or been realised.

To simplify your account, you can provide your accountant or adviser access to your account information via a Third Party Authority Request.