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Active ETFs

What are the main benefits of an Active ETF or Exchanged Quoted Managed Fund (EQMF)?

  • Buying or selling is efficient as it can be done via an exchange such as the ASX, the exact same way as buying a share.
  • It delivers easy accessibility to active investment management capabilities, and has the potential to outperform a benchmark.
  • Provides high transparency regarding pricing, with more frequency than traditional managed fund prices.
  • With live pricing, investors can choose what price they invest in the Active ETF
  • Tax reporting and portfolio administration is made easier, as Active ETFs can be managed and reported amongst other broker holdings.
  • Active ETFs have the ability to offer a diversified portfolio, which offers differentiation that is difficult for retail investors to access.
  • Active investing means that the Active ETF will actively seek to minimise losses during market downturns instead of passively following the benchmark
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