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What are the fees?

We know even the smallest difference in fees can result in substantial differences to your return. Through ongoing technology advances, our goal is to continue to reduce the cost of investing.

On launching our Professionally Managed Account (PMA) service, we have reduced our investment fees and updated our investment fee structure*.

To better diversify your portfolio or get you on the path to building your first investment portfolio, we offer the choice of the following investment strategies - Active Asset Allocation & Active Stock Selection range.


Investment Fees - Active Asset Allocation range

Professionally managed by our Portfolio Manager, our Active Asset Allocation Portfolio objective is to provide investors returns in line with the benchmark minus our fees by investing in blend of our preferred Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Investment AmountFees*
$10,000 - $18,000 $99 p.a. capped
$18,001 - $81,999 0.55% p.a.
From $82,000 $451 p.a. capped

Brokerage: The greater of $5.50 per trade or 0.11% of the value of the trade

Indirect Cost: Between 0.18 - 0.31% p.a. depending on model portfolio selected (this is a cost associated with ETF providers and not marked up by InvestSMART).

Our capped fee structure is across our InvestSMART Portfolios (no matter if you invest in one or several models and applies to the following Models:


Investment Fees - Active Stock Selection Portfolios

Professionally managed by our Portfolio Managers, our Active Stock Selection Portfolios follow a value investing approach which involves searching for undervalued stocks that offer strong long-term prospects. These portfolios offers investors exposure to a portfolio of 10 - 35 ASX-listed securities with the objective to outperform their respective benchmark.

Investment AmountFees^
Up to $250,000 0.77% p.a.
$250,001 - $500,000 0.65% p.a.
$500,001 - $1,000,000 0.55% p.a.
$1,000,001 - $2,000,000 0.50% p.a.
More than $2,000,000 0.45% p.a.
Brokerage Fee - approximately 0.05% plus GST
Settlement Fee - $0.33 per securities transaction
Recoverable Expense Fee - $30 - $60

^Fees start at 0.77% p.a. of the balance of your portfolio and decrease as you invest more into that portfolio. The Investment Fees featured here are the minimum costs and include both the Investment Fee and Admin Fee. The Investment Fees are tiered, for example an Account balance of $500,000 would be charged 0.97% for the first $250,000 and 0.85% for the next $250,000.

Each model portfolio may vary in fees. Please read the product disclosure documents for full details before investing in our products.


*InvestSMART's Professionally Managed Account service was launched on the 1 November 2018.


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