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Investing in small companies

What are small companies?

The definition of what constitutes a “small company” differs within the industry, but in general terms, they are companies with a market value between $300 million and $2 billion.


Why invest in small companies?

Small caps offer an interesting opportunity in the market due to the lack of analyst coverage, subsequent potential for mispricing and long-term growth prospects.


What is the Intelligent Investor Australian Small Companies Fund?

Using Intelligent Investor’s value-based investing philosophy, the Australian Small Companies Fund is a managed fund that seeks to deliver moderate to high total portfolio returns over the long term across 10-25 listed small companies, often overlooked by the broader market. These are companies smaller than the largest in the Small Ordinaries Index (curr A2 Milk, worth $3.2B).

The ‘Small Ords’ are the smallest 300 companies in the All Ords index (e.g. company 201-500).

The fund is managed by our equities team at Intelligent Investor, and will use the same long-term, value investing philosophy that has provided the team's track performance to date.


The main benefits of the Intelligent Investor Australian Small Companies Fund include:

  • Good potential for generating capital growth
  • Lower fee structure than most fund managers
  • Benefit from a unique opportunity - less liquidity means larger funds struggle to invest in small companies.
  • Good potential for above average returns from active management by the experience team at Intelligent Investor
  • Limited contributions to ensure that performance is not impacted by the size of the fund, and to maximise the possibility of delivering a better return.


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