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Fund name APIR Morningstar
Sector Returns
3 Mth. 1 Yr. 3 Yr.
van Eyk Blueprint Capital Stable (Closed) MAQ0291AU starstarstar Multisector Moderate 0.79% 5.97% 5.70%
van Eyk Blueprint Diversified Income (Closed) MAQ0599AU starstarstar Unconstrained Fixed Income 0.49% 5.09% 5.88%
van Eyk Blueprint Global Emerging Markets (Closed) MAQ0600AU starstarstarstar Equity Emerging Markets 8.60% 10.38% 8.00%
van Eyk Blueprint Smaller Companies (Closed) MAQ0597AU starstarstar Equity Australia Mid/Small Blend 5.42% 18.18% 6.45%
Vanguard Global Multi-Factor (Closed) VAN3759AU starstarstar Equity World Large Blend -0.30% 4.97% 10.13%
Vanguard High Yield Australian Shares (Closed) VAN0017AU starstarstarstar Equity Australia Large Value 0.89% 15.82% 15.92%
Vanguard Index Australian Property Securities (Closed) VAN0012AU starstarstar Equity Australia Real Estate -3.14% 11.66% 4.66%
Vanguard Index Australian Shares (Closed) VAN0010AU starstarstar Equity Australia Large Blend -0.91% 12.68% 10.72%
Vanguard Index Hedged International Shares (Closed) VAN0107AU starstarstar Equity World - Currency Hedged -2.92% 19.40% 8.18%
Vanguard Index International Shares (Closed) VAN0011AU starstarstarstar Equity World Large Blend -0.48% 21.66% 11.98%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Balanced (Closed) VAN0124AU starstarstar Multisector Balanced -1.52% 8.11% 2.33%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Conservative (Closed) VAN0013AU starstarstar Multisector Moderate -1.40% 5.25% -0.05%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth (Closed) VAN0014AU starstarstarstar Multisector Growth -1.36% 11.43% 5.40%
Vanguard LifeStrategy High Growth (Closed) VAN0015AU starstarstarstar Multisector Aggressive -1.21% 14.77% 8.53%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Index PST - Balanced (Closed) VAN0008AU starstarstarstar Multisector Balanced 3.74% 3.69% -0.45%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Index PST - Conservative (Closed) VAN0009AU starstarstar Multisector Moderate -3.52% -2.19% -0.14%
Vanguard LifeStrategy Index PST - Growth (Closed) VAN0007AU starstarstarstar Multisector Growth 0.83% 0.28% -3.99%
Vanguard Lifestrategy Index PST - High Growth (Closed) VAN0006AU starstarstarstar Multisector Aggressive 5.30% 2.35% -6.10%
Vanguard Managed Payout (Closed) VAN0070AU starstarstarstarstar Multisector Balanced 3.22% -0.90% 5.89%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - Australian Fixed Interest (Closed) VAN0116AU starstarstarstar Bonds - Australia 0.41% 8.41% 5.09%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - Australian Shares (Closed) VAN0114AU starstarstarstar Equity Australia Large Blend 5.56% -5.42% 13.29%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - Cash Plus (Closed) VAN0117AU starstarstarstarstar Australian Cash 0.74% 4.19% 3.60%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - International Shares (Closed) VAN0113AU starstarstarstar Equity World Large Blend 4.10% -6.77% 2.57%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - International Shares (Hedged) (Closed) VAN0112AU starstarstarstar Equity World - Currency Hedged 9.46% -0.25% 19.22%
Vanguard Personal Super Plan - LifeStrategy Balanced (Closed) VAN0120AU starstarstarstar Multisector Balanced 3.63% 1.30% 8.36%

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