Value Investing

Fletcher Building: Acting sensibly?

All the world’s a stage, and last week Fletcher Building fell off. But the company’s problems are following a script and a buying opportunity mightn’t be far away.

16hrs ago

Sirtex: Diary of a lucrative investment

Last week’s takeover for Sirtex Medical means our 2010 recommendation generated an annualised return of 24%. Read on for how to identify the next one.

2wks ago

The best of a bad bunch

In an industry known for cowboys and crises, Sunland Group has allocated capital intelligently.

5mths ago

In defence of BHP

There are lessons from BHP's misspent decade but it's investors who should heed those lessons. 

6mths ago

Is value investing dead?

When it comes to market predictions, the media is a better contrarian indicator than anything else.

8mths ago

Investing in super-slow motion

TPG Telecom showed again this week why successful investing requires a long-term focus and super-human patience.

10mths ago

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