How long does it take to be invested?


How long after funds are deposited that they are invested in line with our risk assessment? - Submitted by Barry


For initial investments, it typically takes four to five business days from when we receive the payment for your funds to be invested and show in the online My Account Section under Deposits & Withdrawals.

For subsequent top-ups to existing accounts, it takes two to four business days.

You'll receive an email when we receive the funds, and for initial investments, we will email you when your InvestSMART investment is up and running. Please note that for Regular Contributions Plans (RCP), you won't receive an automatic email.

For additional top-ups and RCP we may wait until the amount available to invest has reached an economical size. This may be amounts around $2,000 so as brokerage doesn't become too large a portion of the investment.

We are looking to implement a system that will improve this.


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Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson
Product Specialist