Listed Investment Companies

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are a type of investment listed on the ASX. LICs offer many of the advantages of direct share ownership, without the time, effort or expertise that it usually demands.

Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Code Security Name Category Market Cap
PIC Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited Equity - Australia $364.00 $1.06
PAI Platinum Asia Investments Limited Equity - Asia Pacific ex Japan $372.00 $1.03
PMC Platinum Capital Limited Equity - Global $514.00 $1.79
PL8 Plato Income Maximiser Limited Equity - Australia $294.00 $0.99
PAF PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited Equity - Asia Pacific ex Japan $59.00 $1.05
PGF PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited Equity - Global $400.00 $1.14
QVE QV Equities Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $298.00 $1.08
RYD Ryder Capital Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $63.00 $1.21
SNC Sandon Capital Investments Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $41.00 $0.84
SEC Spheria Emerging Companies Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $119.00 $1.80
SVS Sunvest Corporation Limited Equity - Global $3.00 $0.25
TGG Templeton Global Growth Fund Limited Equity - Global $284.00 $1.29
TOP Thorney Opportunities Ltd Equity - Australia Strategy $130.00 $0.64
TEK Thorney Technologies Ltd Equity - Global Strategy $57.00 $0.22
URB URB Investments Limited Equity - Australia Strategy $66.00 $0.90
VG1 VGI Partners Global Investments Limited Equity - Global $636.00 $2.29
WAA WAM Active Limited Equity - Australia Strategy $46.00 $1.01
WAM WAM Capital Limited Equity - Australia $1,570.00 $2.20
WGB WAM Global Limited Equity - Global $430.00 $2.03
WLE WAM Leaders Limited Equity - Australia $751.00 $1.07
WMI WAM Microcap Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $183.00 $1.31
WAX WAM Research Limited Equity - Australia Small/Mid Cap $274.00 $1.45
WGF Watermark Global Leaders Fund Limited Equity - Global $69.00 $0.93
WMK Watermark Market Neutral Fund Limited Equity - Australia $70.00 $0.80
WQG WCM Global Growth Limited Equity - Global Strategy $93.00 $1.04

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Investors in LICs will receive dividends.
Managers of an LIC can focus wholly on their investments as they do not need to issue or cancel new shares in the company to respond to demand. This also allows an LIC to take a long-term view of investing. Additionally, they offer members diversification benefits and allow individuals to access market sectors that would be difficult to otherwise access.

A listed investment company (LIC) is an investment listed on a stock exchange that is incorporated as a company. LICs operate similarly to a managed fund as they have a manager who operates its investments. An LIC does not usually issue or cancel shares in the fund to mirror demand, i.e. they are close-ended. As a LIC is a company, investors in the LIC receive dividends.