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Talking fees with fund managers

In my work for Eureka Report, I interview a lot of fund managers. They're almost always good people, and almost always men, and usually very nerdy men at that.
3mths ago

Why the dead outperform the living

This article was originally published back in 2017 but with recent market volatility and a never ending stream of news and coverage of the global economy we thought we would refresh it. It's a timely reminder not to mistake activity for achievement.
4mths ago

Introducing InvestSMART Q&A

On our sister sites, Eureka Report and Intelligent Investor the Q&A sections are one of the most popular features. The sections are so useful we've decided to introduce Q&A to InvestSMART.
4mths ago

Paul's Insights: Spring clean your investments this tax time

It's time to dust off the calculator and start poring through receipts - tax time is around the corner, and that means a refund could soon be coming your way. The end of the financial year is also a time to take stock of your investment portfolio.
4mths ago

Paul's Insights: Time to flex your money muscle

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen Australians hunker down their finances - spending less and tucking away more cash. That's seen our household savings rate jump from 3.5% (of income) in 2019, to 5.5% at present. But plenty of people could be missing out on easy ways to boost their bank balance.
4mths ago

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