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Paul's Insights: Super savings benefit from Budget reforms

Australia's super savings are now worth more than $3 trillion. That's good news, but there are weak spots in the system including over $20 billion in lost and forgotten accounts, and close to four in ten people still have more than one super account.
3mths ago

How to navigate COVID-led changes to the investing landscape

If the post-COVID environment truly is an inflection point for the local and global economies, then one of the challenges for investors is looking beyond the 'bubble' that the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic has created. And, while this theme may throw up a cauldron of investing opportunities, it also throws up risks, making the need for diversification within the post-COVID environment an essential part of further investing.
3mths ago

COVID hasn't changed everything - the contrarian way

2020 has been quite the educational year. We have learnt new terms (social distancing), new ways of living (virtually) and that short-term investing can be 'exciting' (tech stocks, buy now pay later etc).
4mths ago

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