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How do ETFs reflect the growth of an asset

Just like any other listed stock you might own, one of the primary goals of an exchange traded fund (ETF) is to increase in value over time. It's not rocket science, you know your stocks are performing well if the price they're trading at continues to exceed the price you originally bought them for.
4mths ago

Effie Zahos: Why I joined the board - Let's make change!

The world of money is always interesting and ever-changing. In 2020 alone, we've seen the cash rate fall to a previously unthinkable 0.1%, home loan rates below 2% are now commonplace, and in the space of less than 12 months Australian shares have experienced their worst ever fall and also their highest 1-month gain in almost two decades.
5mths ago

How do ETFs account for dividends?

ETFs pay dividends just like any other dividend-paying stocks, and like individual stocks, these dividends are typically in the form of cash payouts, or issuance of further shares (aka as dividend reinvestment plan).
5mths ago

How ETFs charge fees

Fees charged by ETFs depend on the market, region or industry that a fund is tracking, but generally speaking they're low-cost investments.
5mths ago

What you can invest in via an ETF

Interested in investing in ETFs yet overwhelmed by the sheer number and diversity of options to choose from? Here's a snapshot of the most common varieties of ETFs and what they invest in.
5mths ago

Paul's Insights: Are your grown children eroding your wealth?

I suspect there are few times in life when we take more notice of our investments, and the performance of asset markets, than in the years just before and during retirement. While many people in these life stages worry about the potential for market downturns, their wealth can be impacted far more profoundly by something much simpler - providing financial support to their adult children.
5mths ago

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