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Do you have a system for retirees such as an annuity, if so could you please advise of any options and provide details or advise as to where I should look on the site to learn of such options. Regards Rob 


Hi Rob,

We don't have annuity-style products. All of our investment portfolios use exchange-traded funds and involve some form of capital risk.

I would recommend clicking on the Invest With Us link which will take you through to the page where it will show you all of our diversified portfolios and single asset class portfolios. It is common for retirees to blend our portfolios to create the right mix for their needs. This is a handy article on one strategy people can use.

Also, for those seeking income, our portfolios have three ways to take income:

  1. Income sweep = We look across the portfolio each month and automatically transfer out all income received by the portfolio for the month. As the ETFs, we use pay quarterly some months are lumpier than others.
  2. Regular withdrawal plan = An investor can set a specific dollar amount they would like drawn down from their portfolio each month
  3. Adhoc payments = Investors can request ad-hoc payment as and when they need them
  4. A combination of all or any of the above

I hope this helps Rob.


Mitchell Sneddon

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Mitchell Sneddon
Mitchell Sneddon
Head of Portfolio Services