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InvestSMART's managed fund tools


In the past, I've used the fund finder service compare funds, then request a prospectus and application for investing in managed funds, largely through the InvestSmart website. Does it still operate like that or has the company / service evolved. Thanks. Richard Watt - Submitted by RICHARD


Hi Richard,

You must have used that service quite a while ago as InvestSMART has not offered that service for a number of years. We now provide our own managed investment portfolios where the client has full legal ownership of the investments and we cap our management fee. You can have a look at those portfolios here

If you are interested in looking at other managed fund options we have two tools which you may find handy. Firstly there is the Compare Your Fund tool. This is where you will enter the name of a fund or the funds APIR code and you will be able to compare that funds performance against a relevant industry-standard benchmark, its peer group, and our investment option if we have a like-for-like portfolio. We created this tool to help people understand how the fund they are invested in is going. Our research (which you will find on that page) shows the majority underperform the industry-standard benchmarks.

Secondly, the Eureka Report site has a managed fund screening tool as well as an ETF screener and an LIC screener.

I hope this helps.


Mitchell Sneddon 

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Mitchell Sneddon
Mitchell Sneddon
Head of Portfolio Services