Capped fees: Are they charged per model or per account?


Capped Fees: Is the $451 pa cap for investments >$82k across all funds or is it leveraged on a per fund basis (ie) if I was to invest $100k in the four funds will I be charged $451 or $451 x 4. - Submitted by Paul


Hi Paul,

The management fee is charged per account. For example you may have an investment in your personal name and have two InvestSMART models in that account e.g. InvestSMART Diversified Growth and InvestSMART International Equities. Two models in the one account but the management fee is just charged once at the account level.

If you were to open a separate account in joint names e.g. you and your partner or in the name of your SMSF then that would be a different account and the management fee would apply to it too.

Hope this helps.


Mitchell Sneddon

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Mitchell Sneddon
Mitchell Sneddon
Head of Portfolio Services