When we are happy to say goodbye

Goodbyes are always hard; however, they can be a little easier when we see clients leave InvestSMART for the reasons they came to us in the first place - achieving their personal financial goals.

In fact, we welcome this goodbye as it means one more Australian investor is on the path to personal prosperity.

We understand that saving for a house, your child’s education, your retirement or that holiday you always wanted takes time and investment fortitude.

So how have clients done this?

To quote Warren Buffet, “the stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient,” this resonates with many successful investors and is a mantra we at InvestSMART try to instil in our clients.

We hold this mantra because history shows the market will always work in your favour over the long-term and although there is risk, you are more likely to achieve your personal financial goal faster, through sensible investing rather than holding cash.

Take InvestSMART’s Balanced Portfolio as an example. It offers a blend of defensive income assets and capital growth assets and has a yield of approximately 3.4 per cent (compare this to the average 12-month term deposit of 1.9 per cent) with an average yearly total return of 6.9 per cent since inception.

Its 4-plus year investment timeframe replicates the timeframe people have for building a house deposit. Through offering an even allocation across lower risk assets such as fixed income, with higher growth assets such as shares and property, investors can hedge both their risk and growth while reaching their goal in a timely manner as this 6.9 per cent compounds their return.

This strategy is a far more efficient way of achieving your personal goals than leaving (house deposit) money in a bank and accumulating interest.

This is why, when clients come to us having persisted with the recommended investment strategy and time frame and have reached their financial goal, their withdrawal request is music to our ears. It means they have not only achieved their objective, but they are also on a stronger footing when they return to invest.

So, whether you’re joining InvestSMART with the intention of saving for your first house, or sending your child through school, regardless of your goal, when you leave us equipped with the capital needed to achieve your financial goals, we’re happy to say goodbye.

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