Webinar: "Why time is core to risk/return" with Portfolio Manager Evan Lucas

In his recent webinar, Portfolio Manager Evan Lucas discusses the importance of an investment timeframe.
By · 29 Nov 2018
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29 Nov 2018 · 45 min read
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In this webinar Portfolio Manager Evan Lucas explains why an investment timeframe is key to every investment strategy – your investment timeframe gives you a baseline for your investment goals and a buffer against short term volatility. If you have time on your side, you have time to grow.

Evan explains why over the longer-term, equity markets outperform all other peers on a total return basis. He explains that this doesn’t mean putting all your investment ‘eggs’ into one basket. Rather, it serves as a reminder that being out of the market is more detrimental to your total returns even during volatile periods.

Evan also runs through InvestSMART’s Core and High Growth Portfolios designed for investors wanting optimal risk versus return set-ups with long term investment horizons through ETF diversification.


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Evan Lucas
Evan Lucas
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