Webinar: How to find value with Portfolio Manager Nathan Bell

In his recent webinar, Portfolio Manager Nathan Bell discusses opportunities for the Equity Growth and Equity Income portfolios.
By · 21 Nov 2018
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21 Nov 2018 · 50 min read
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In this webinar, Portfolio Manager Nathan Bell explains how to find undervalued stocks in the late stages of a bull market, including several examples from the portfolios he manages. He shows some examples of the special types of situations that can create huge opportunities, such as recapitalisations and a change of CEO, while also explaining why insider-ownership is so important and why spin offs are still a great way to outperform the market.

In the Q&A section, Nathan explains why:

  • He sold James Hardie after such a short holding period;
  • Hold recommendations at Intelligent Investor might still be buy ideas;
  • China looks like a big opportunity for long-term investors; and
  • Buybacks are usually done at the worst possible time.

Nathan manages the Intelligent Investor Equity Growth Portfolio and the Intelligent Investor Equity Income Portfolio. The Intelligent Investor Equity Income Portfolio is also available as an active ETF (listed fund) on the ASX via the code INIF


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Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell
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