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Swiss ball

Name: Sally Symonds

Name: Sally Symonds

Job: Weight loss coach


Why is it important? I specialise in working with overweight people, most of whom do not like exercise. They find most exercise programs are too hard for them to keep up with. The Swiss ball is a great tool because it makes exercise seem less boring. Non-exercisers become immersed in the challenge of trying to master it - focusing on not falling off. I know it for myself - I was about 90 kilograms when I first learnt to kneel on a Swiss ball.

What do your colleagues think?

Hardcore fitness junkies often dismiss the Swiss ball, because you can't use heavy weights with it. But it's more about balancing the physical experience with the psychological one. The Swiss ball is one of the best ways to do that.

Unusual moment? I love playing with the Swiss ball and trying new things, so it's fortunate I haven't had more accidents. But one day I decided to master the art of standing on it on one leg - because doing it on both legs was already fairly easy. Unfortunately, someone caught my eye in my peripheral vision and I fell. I let out a piercing scream, but only my pride was hurt.

How much does it cost? Some pieces of exercise equipment you can scrimp on and it makes no difference - not a Swiss ball. A good quality one will set you back about $90. A poor quality one isn't worth 90 cents!

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