Paul's Insights: Investing Habits

Our Chairman, Paul Clitheroe, cuts through the investing myths, jargon and obfuscation and provides clear, common sense insights for all Australians.
By · 15 Mar 2018
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15 Mar 2018
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Our Head of Portfolio Services, Mitchell Sneddon, sat down with our Chairman, Paul Clitheroe, to discuss Paul's investing habits.

Investing can be a complex and jargon filled area but here at InvestSMART we aim to cut through the myths, jargon and obfuscation to provide clear, common sense help for all Australians. Macroeconomic commentary is often confusing, a minefield of differing opinions, with one expert saying one thing and another expert saying the opposite, who and how much is to be believed?

We decided to Ask Paul.

In this video, Paul covers:

  • How much importance should you place on macroeconomic commentary;
  • Managing expectations for returns; and
  • Being a 'common sensican'. 


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Paul Clitheroe
Paul Clitheroe
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