A defect has suspended the stock market’s website, preventing investors from reading company announcements.

If you’ve been endeavoring to get onto the ASX website to read company announcements this morning without success, you’re not alone.

Site difficulties have been apparent from at least 8.15 AEST and an ASX Ltd spokesperson said the ASX’s internet page has been unable to load company announcements. She said the problem has not prevented Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters subscribers from reading company announcements.

“We’re confident the problem will be resolved before the market opens,” the spokesperson said. As of 10:01 AEST the ASX website was still not functioning.

The ASX has been plagued by periodic system failures that have not only affected its site but also the trading of stocks and derivatives. Twice in 2011 trading was halted because of system crashes that technology experts put down to the problems the ASX experiences with older systems that need to be upgraded or replaced.