InvestSMART's Performance for October 2022

Through short-term volatility the InvestSMART portfolios continue to deliver over the long-term through diversification and low fees
By · 10 Nov 2022
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10 Nov 2022 · 5 min read
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Despite challenging economic conditions not just across the globe but also across asset classes we’re pleased to say the InvestSMART Fundlater Diversified Portfolios continue to achieve the long-term aim of the investment committee. The aim is not to avoid risk, we understand negative returns are part of long-term investing. The aim of each portfolio is to outperform the average of peers (funds invested in the same asset class) over the long-term.

Remaining diversified and having industry low fees puts our portfolios in a great position to compound wealth over the long-term. A quick and easy check to ensure the portfolios are sticking to goal is to look at the gap compared to peers since inception. That’s the power of low fees.

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