In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler looks at how tighter monetary policy could drag us into recession, Gottliebsen looks at the brave new world of resources and Boyd examines ANZ's big raising.

KGB TV: David Knox
Kohler, Gottliebsen, Bartholomeusz
Hitting targets on the Gladstone project will be key to Santos' success, says the group's CEO, as he attempts to facilitate consolidation in Queensland's coal-seam gas sector.

Tipping point for growth
Alan Kohler
If there is to be a sharp recovery, it will start happening between now and Christmas – though history teaches us that a rush to tighter monetary policy could easily drag us back into recession.

The new resources frontier
Robert Gottliebsen
Five developments in resources are both astounding and alarming. Together they leave us in uncharted territory.

Banking on ANZ
Tony Boyd
The surprising interest in ANZ's share purchase plan has gifted the bank an extra $2.2 billion. It's a resounding endorsement by investors and pretty handy for its Asian business plans.

The mystery of Hu
Isabelle Oderberg
The arrest of Rio Tinto's Stern Hu has thrown the diplomatic and expat communities into confusion, though more details about the man and his predicament are now beginning to surface.

Aspiring to survive
Giles Parkinson
The G8 meeting in Italy has come up with a stern resolve on climate change – we agree, in principle to, err, hope that in future we'll be able to think about an ill-defined aspirational goal.