SMAs - better than managed funds

A separately managed account (SMA) combines the diversification and convenience of a managed fund with the control and cost-effectiveness of a direct investment

Convenience, simplicity and control


Manage all of your investments through a single, online account.


Invest through your SMSF, pension or investment account and choose from a range of strategies to suit your goals.


Diversify across assets, asset classes and investment managers through one account.

Cost savings

Save up to 20% in management costs compared to a similar managed fund.*

Tax effectiveness

Avoid paying tax on other people's gains, and switch between portfolios without paying a tax penalty.


View detailed statements of your investments, with live pricing of on the ASX.

What is an SMA?

Like a managed fund, an SMA gives you access to a diversified investment portfolio overseen by a professional investment manager. But unlike a fund, your investment isn't pooled with money from other investors.

You remain the direct, beneficial owner of the ETFs and other assets held in your account. That not only gives you more control and transparency, it can also create cost savings and improved tax-effectiveness.

Think of it as the best of managed funds and shares, without the complications of direct share investment.

How it works

When you invest in an InvestSMART Diversified Portfolio, we give you your own personal SMA. You remain the beneficial owner of all of the assets in your portfolio, not simply one unit-holder among many.

We take care of the day-to-day management of your investment, automatically rebalancing your portfolio to keep you on track. If you decide to switch between portfolios, we sell only those securities required to change from one strategy to another, helping to reduce any capital gains tax liability.

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