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InvestSMART portfolios vs other super options


What’s the upside for investing in one of your portfolios compared with an Industry Super Fund. My partner is with a retail fund earning a little above 3%, being managed by her financial adviser who is taking 1% of her balance yearly. - Submitted by Chris


Hi Chris,

Good question. The important thing to note here is InvestSMART can only invest super for people if it is in a self-managed superfund structure. So unless you already have an SMSF set up we cannot manage super on your behalf, you would need to go with an industry fund or on a platform with an advisor or a retail fund.

The types of accounts we can open for people and get started with are:


Joint (so couples)

Family trusts



Individuals as trustee for children

When it comes to our competitive advantages over other options for the above types of investors it comes down to our core philosophy of using passive exchange-traded funds, being diversified, and keeping the costs incredibly low.

Fees are one of the biggest hurdles to future wealth especially in super and there's been a lot written about them. Here's a special report we do annually on fees. 

Sorry, we couldn't help with the retail super.


Mitchell Sneddon

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Mitchell Sneddon
Mitchell Sneddon
Head of Portfolio Services