Fixed interest component of InvestSMART Diversified Portfolios


Hi ,Do you have listed hybrids and listed debt securities (Australian or International) in the "Fixed Interest" component of any of the Diversified Portfolios..Thanks Dianne - Submitted by Dianne


Hi Dianne

Regarding Australian listed ‘hybrids’ we do have a single asset class portfolio that is just hybrid listings. However, we don’t hold hybrids in the diversified portfolios directly. You can read more about Hybrid portfolio here

In terms of fixed interest in the diversified portfolios all four have fixed interest holdings, what differs is the weightings. For the weightings please see this page and scroll through each portfolio

The main fixed interest holdings are IAF (Australian Fixed Interest - which is mainly government bonds) and VBND (Global Aggregate Fixed interest – which is a mix of developed government bonds across the world). For more on each ETF please use this link

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Evan Lucas
Evan Lucas
Chief Market Strategist