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Share wars

The prevalence of computer-generated trading in the modern sharemarket has created an unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, environment for investors, writes David Potts.
7yr ago

Cutting the crust of Trans-Tasman tax

I am part of a family trust started by my father in 1990 in New Zealand, where the rest of my family live. The trust is to be wound up some time in October or November. Tax is fully paid in New Zealand. When the funds are distributed, do I need to declare it? If so, am I going to be liable for tax, which has already been paid in New Zealand? I have had conflicting advice one says nothing to declare, the other says to add to my income for that year, and pay more tax. J.B.
7yr ago

Meet your money needs with a tailored strategy

I OCCASIONALLY meet people who want to talk about investing for retirement. The question is usually along the lines of: "I know I should have a diversified portfolio, but how do I do it? What's the best mix?"
7yr ago

Is the mining boom over?

Australia's mining boom was never going to last forever. Tucked away in the budget papers two years ago were estimates from Treasury and Geoscience Australia about how long our minerals would last. Iron ore was set to run out in 70 years at the current rate of extraction, gold in just 30 years.
7yr ago

Market's five-week run hits the wall

THE sharemarket closed lower yesterday, ending a run of five weeks of gains amid fears the mining boom might have ended and as hopes for quick monetary stimulus in the US faded.
7yr ago

Cards turn on Tinkler the gambler

HE HAS built an unparalleled reputation as the man who could pull off the most unlikely of business deals. And with it came a fortune. But yesterday morning Nathan Tinkler was forced to announce his latest venture  to privatise Whitehaven Coal  was dead in the water.
7yr ago


My mother is thinking of moving to a self-care unit in a retirement village. The unit costs $460,000. She has $340,000 in cash, a super pension of $1208 a fortnight indexed and a house worth $700,000. Should she sell the house to buy the unit and invest the rest, or borrow to fund the unit?
7yr ago

Raising the bar for financial planners

This is Financial Planning Week. Normally such efforts at self-promotion would go unmentioned in this column, but let's make an exception. With the Financial Planning Association (FPA) stepping up its efforts to have the term "financial planner" enshrined in legislation, it seems opportune to look at what a financial planner is and should be.
7yr ago

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