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Paul's Insights: The Santa Claus rally - fact or fiction?

Christmas is full of traditions, and some investors will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Santa Claus rally - the uptick in shares often seen in the final trading days of the year. Is it a coincidence or is the Santa Claus rally real?
3mths ago

Two companies ticking the boxes

Short term performance is not something we tend to focus on here at InvestSMART, so it came as a pleasant surprise to us when we saw the InvestSMART Ethical Share Fund (ASX:INES) was the highest performing actively managed Australian equity ETF* for the month of October returning 1.8%.
4mths ago

An income injection

There has never been a harder time to be holding cash and as we head towards the festive season and the end of 2019, it is not going to get any easier.
4mths ago

Paul's Insights: Selfies favour shares

It's official - Australia's army of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) makes up one of the biggest like-minded group of investors on the Australian sharemarket.
4mths ago

Paul's Insights: Super zombies - could you be affected?

Human beings can be a funny lot. On one hand the Australian Tax Office (ATO) receives around 230 tip-offs each day about businesses operating in the black economy. Yet vast numbers of Australians are being ripped off on their super each year, and many of us do nothing about it.
4mths ago

October in Review: White Knights saving us from what again?

Historically, October is in the top two worst months of the year - May being the other. However, the 2019 enigma was again on display last month, as the initial collapse was quickly bid up and global markets started to question if the selloff was justified. October ended in the red, but the momentum it built through the middle of the month has already filtered into November.
4mths ago

Paul's Insights: Retirement investing? Beat fees not the market

I often have conversations with clients around investing when they retire. Many treat retirement as an 'end date' for active investing. But that shouldn't be the case. And keeping an eye on the cost of investing is especially important when we leave the workforce.
4mths ago

When we are happy to say goodbye

Goodbyes are always hard; however, they can be a little easier when we see clients leave InvestSMART for the reasons they came to us in the first place - achieving their personal financial goals.
5mths ago

Paul's Insights: Home loan rates plunge. Has yours?

Here at InvestSMART we encourage investors to embrace low fee investment choices. But plenty of Australians could be paying more than necessary on their home loan at a time when interest rates are the lowest in 70 years.
5mths ago

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