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Australia's three largest bond ETFs

Elizabeth Moran compares the three largest bond ETFs in terms of what they invest in, their level of risk, historic returns and forward projections.
1mth ago

InvestSMART Forum 2020: Come see us live

We're heading out on the road again throughout late February and March and we would love for you to come and say hello. I will be joined by our popular income investing correspondent Elizabeth Moran and founder and CEO of InvestSMART, Ron Hodge.
1mth ago

Paul's Insights: 'Mum and dad' super funds targeted by Tax Office

Australians have taken to self-managed super funds (SMSFs) like ducks to water. Over 1.1 million of us are members of a SMSF, and with close to $750 billion in retirement savings, 'mum and dad' funds control nearly one third of the nation's $2.76 trillion superannuation assets.
1mth ago

Setting the Standard - Financial Advice in 2020

At the risk of oversimplifying: it looks like being another year of geopolitics (ie Donald Trump) versus central banks (ie Jerome Powell) - the former causing volatility and dragging them down, the latter propping them up.
2mths ago

November in Review: The perfect microcosm of the macro

Six equity markets made new record all-time highs and closing highs, with another five within 2 per cent of their respective all-time highs. However, like July, there wasn't much rejoicing about the asset appreciation, in fact there was almost none at all.
3mths ago

Paul's Insights: The Santa Claus rally - fact or fiction?

Christmas is full of traditions, and some investors will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Santa Claus rally - the uptick in shares often seen in the final trading days of the year. Is it a coincidence or is the Santa Claus rally real?
3mths ago

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