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Lower fees mean higher returns

Alan Kohler speaks with the CEO of InvestSMART Group, Ron Hodge, about how the company plans to replace revenue it will lose from the incoming removal of grandfathered trailing commissions, its mantra of capping fees and the surge in subscriptions for Intelligent Investor and Eureka Report.
1mth ago

InvestSMART Portfolios Monthly Update - April 2020

April saw all four InvestSMART Diversified Capped Fee portfolios outperform peers and Evan Lucas highlights, the key to good long-term returns comes from developing positive investment habits rather than timing the market.
1mth ago

Paul's Insights: What happens when dividends dive?

For many Australians, especially retirees, dividends are a source of reliable and tax-friendly income. But with a number of companies abandoning dividend payments, the hunt is on for alternate sources of cash.
2mths ago

Paul's Insights: How retirees can navigate the Covid-19 crisis

Sharemarket falls can be especially challenging for retirees who don't have the benefit of ongoing super contributions to make up for negative returns. But your retirement savings may have weathered the recent market storms surprisingly well.
2mths ago

Portfolio Quarterly Update - March 2020

The quarterly updates for the InvestSMART Conservative, Balanced, Growth, High Growth, Interest Income, Hybrid Income, International Equities and Diversified Property Portfolios.
2mths ago

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