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When do you rebalance?

In the first six months of this calendar year the ASX 200 Accumulation index has returned 19.73%. International markets have returned 17.29%. Eye-watering investment returns really.
5mths ago

Is the RBA draining your retirement income?

Income is becoming harder to find now the RBA has slashed the cash rate and it's making the average term deposit look grim and could get grimmer. So, just how grim are they?
6mths ago

Paul's Insights: Hacking is not a victimless crime

It reads like something out of a sci-fi blockbuster. A man sits outside a Melbourne office block using his laptop. He keeps to himself and isn't noticed by passers-by. He's not interested in entering the building - but he's very interested in what's going on inside.
7mths ago

Why should investors look at ASX listed active funds?

There has been a quiet revolution in the range of investment products available on the Australian Securities Exchange over the last couple of years, with the introduction of actively managed Exchange Traded Funds. Starting with Magellan in 2015, when they launched their Magellan Global Equity Fund, there are now many managers and investment choices in this space.
7mths ago

Paul's Insights: Rate cut spells time to shop around

The Reserve Bank's decision to cut the cash rate by 0.25% to 1.25% sees interest rates falling to new historic lows. But long before the Reserve swung into action, plenty of lenders had taken their own hatchet to home loan interest rates, and there are some exceptional deals up for grabs.
7mths ago

Paul's Insights: Managing the risk of negative equity

Over the past few years, the term 'negative equity' barely rated a mention. In a booming property market it simply didn't seem like a problem. But figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) show a growing number of Australians run the risk of being in the red with their home equity.
8mths ago

Paul's Insights: Rate war benefits borrowers

The Reserve Bank may have kept the official cash rate on hold in May but behind the scenes, banks are taking the axe to home loan rates - and borrowers are the winners.
8mths ago

Paul's Insights: New protection for super

It can be frustrating to have money sitting in super, only to find it gets eaten away by fees and charges over time. It happens all too often. But that's about to change.
8mths ago

Paul's Insights: Growing super for longer

The 2019/20 Federal Budget has been handed down, and predictably, we saw some fine-tuning of the rules around super. But the news is all good - the latest changes will make it easier for older Australians to grow their retirement savings for longer.
9mths ago

Paul's Insights: The danger of stolen data

There was a time when crooks made off with television sets or jewellery - items that were easy to cart off and hock around town. These days, they focus on far more transportable stuff, like details of our personal accounts. And it's an all too lucrative business.
10mths ago

Paul's Insights: Super crimes and misdemeanors

Australia's 600,000 self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are collectively worth an estimated $755 billion. That's nearly one-third of total super assets. But it seems not all SMSFs follow the road rules.
10mths ago

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