Unemployment: is it back to the 1930s?

Will unemployment lead to a recession and if so, how deep will it be?
By · 30 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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One of the stark realities of our current situation really hit home last week as all news updates showed images of people lined up around the block and out the door of Centrelink’s across the country.

Unemployment is rising sharply here in Australia and abroad and this was the focus of our live webinar on Friday in our new weekly series, From the Bunker. The questions from the webinar and the presentation itself are below for you to watch.

Each Friday we will hold a live Q&A on an important topic and welcome your questions. This Friday at 10:30am AEDT we will be discussing whether or not you should tap into your super as part of the COVID-19 financial assistance package.

These webinars are live and free for anyone to attend each Friday. And finally, we had a few teething issues with the audio on our first at home webinar. It will be rectified for this week's event.

Register for the next From the Bunker webinar "Drawing on your Super: an absolute last resort" here.

2.09: Starting with where we currently sit.

11.06: Will US unemployment affect us here in Australia? And given the unemployment in the US can we assume the rally in markets will be short-lived?

14.01: Is the market now too excited about stimulus around the whole world? Will we only realise this when we know the real rate of unemployment?

16.00: What are the US unemployment claims as a percentage compared to times like the GFC and dot com bubble?

18.14: With all of this stimulus coming out is there any chance we’ll see some inflation?

20.06: What are your views on the price of oil at the moment?

23.19: AFIC (ASX:AFI) on their shareholder webinar described this market as more like 1987 and not like 2009, what are you comments on their thoughts?

28.15: I exited the market in January this year, I started buying in the last couple of days, is it a good time to be getting back into the market? I’ve bought Transurban (ASX:TCL) and Macquarie Group (ASX:MQG).

33.29: What is better for the economy, lock everything down now or have our current semi locked-down state last for six to twelve months? 
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