Name: Jeremy Way.
By · 23 Nov 2013
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23 Nov 2013
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Name: Jeremy Way.

Job: General manager.

Where: Jenee mobile (a NFP telco).

Why is it important?

Many vulnerable people in our society find it difficult to participate independently in our community. They can end up feeling lonely or isolated. We are a not-for-profit telco and the help button is an application [on mobile phones signed up to Jenee] that calls our help centre.

People might call us because they feel lonely. Some call if they are having an anxiety attack. Others call if they are lost, as the help button also has GPS tracking. It also gives family members and carers with some peace of mind.

What do your colleagues think?

When a person calls, our consultant has details about them as shared by them or their family. It could be they have low literacy - so if they are lost, we won't ask them what the street sign says; instead, we can guide them via landmarks. We built our call centre around customer service.

Unusual moment?

One 69-year-old customer with cerebral palsy phoned us to tell us he'd caught a train to Darling Harbour to have lunch. It's the first time he'd ever done that in his life. He called us when he got home and said: "I've never felt so free."

How much does it cost?

$35-$85 per month. Price includes access to the help centre and GPS tracking.
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