The world's worst computer viruses

If you're worried about the latest threat from the 'Flame' virus, take a look at what else we have faced - and survived - over the years.

There’s no sunshine in the world of cyber security.

If you read all of the cyber security company’s reports on the latest threats in the sector, they paint a pretty bleak state of affairs. But as today’s infographic shows, that’s always been the case.

Since the inception of computers, there has not been one period of reprieve for the cyber security sector – it’s an ongoing onslaught of threats.  

It surprising that after all this time the sector hasn’t come forward with any good news about their efforts. Particularly since civilisation has carried on relatively unscathed despite the continual threat from all of these viruses.

Today’s infographic was sourced from Mashable Tech and was created by F-Secure.