The Business Investment that Pays Dividends: Investing in Employee Financial Well-being

Combat rising financial stress from credit card debts, escalating loan repayments, and soaring living costs affecting your team's productivity. Discover a solution through our research-backed Bootcamp for Business initiative, designed to foster financial literacy, enhance employee well-being, and drive sustainable business growth.
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2 Nov 2023 · 5 min read
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Many of us are all too familiar with the anxiety that arises from financial concerns - whether it's about credit cards, loans, or just making ends meet. This financial stress doesn’t only affect our personal well-being; it spills over into our relationships, health, and, indeed, the workplace.

Recent research by Nudge Global [1] has illuminated financial well-being's profound impact on workplace productivity and overall job satisfaction.

The study revealed

  • 63% of employees who engage in financial education daily feel more committed to their employers, and 66% feel hopeful about their financial situation.
  • Employers offering financial education outshine others on metrics measuring the strength of employer-employee relationships: 70% of employees believe diverse benefits, like financial education, build employer-employee commitment, and 56% say these well-being benefits make them more committed to their employer.
  • Individuals with access to personalised, frequent financial education through their employer are:
  • 81% more likely to significantly increase their savings,
  • 82% less likely to feel overwhelmed by debt,
  • 50% more likely to be making progress toward their financial goals,
  • 35% more likely to be hopeful about their financial future.

But what if there was a way to ease this worry for ourselves and our entire team, helping our business thrive in the process?

This is where Bootcamp for Business steps in, offering a haven of financial literacy to empower your team and, in turn, boost your business.

At the core of Bootcamp for Business is a simple yet impactful vision: to make the often challenging journey towards financial literacy accessible and engaging for everyone.

This initiative goes beyond just numbers and budgets; it's about fostering a sense of confidence and clarity in financial decision-making that resonates through all aspects of our professional and personal lives.

Here's a glimpse of what makes Bootcamp for Business stand out:

  • Online Flexibility: The course is entirely online, blending self-paced learning over four weeks to ensure no one falls behind.
  • Weekly Webinars: A weekly session to tackle questions, offer guidance, and ensure you're on the right path. It's an opportunity to interact and learn in a real-time setting.
  • Bulk Discounts: A great deal for businesses enrolling multiple employees, making financial education an affordable venture.
  • Trackable Progress: Keep tabs on your team’s progress through our platform, nurturing a collective growth and achievement culture.

Embedded in the proven success of our Bootcamp for Beginners course—which has received high reviews and seen over 1600 participants over four years—Bootcamp for Business carries the legacy forward, aiming to make the investment landscape more understandable.

The feedback we receive speaks volumes, with graduates sharing their newfound confidence in investing, a better grasp of the investment environment, and a readiness to adopt a long-term approach, avoiding the common missteps that often catch the uninformed off guard.

Here are a couple of heartening testimonials showcasing the impact Bootcamp for Business can have:

  • "After completing the Bootcamp, I finally took the step into the investment world, and I've never felt more secure about my financial future." - Greg R.
  • "The course cleared up investing for me. The confusion cleared, and I now have a clear strategy moving forward." - Michelle F.

A live webinar on 9 November 2023, at 7 pm AEDT, is on the horizon to walk you through how Bootcamp for Business operates and to address any questions or concerns you might have. Register here.

This isn’t just a webinar; it's a gateway to a brighter financial future for you and your team.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee keen on bringing positive change to your organisation, this webinar is your chance to see how Bootcamp for Business can be the spark.

Are you ready to ease the financial worry and propel your business to new heights? Visit our Bootcamp for Business website, book a call, or join the webinar to start on this enlightening path. Your proactive step today can resonate through the halls of your business tomorrow, heralding a culture of financial empowerment and success.

[1] Global Financial Wellbeing Research 2023

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