Malcolm Maiden's bumper crossword



1Being taken over by Glencore in $US31 billion deal. (7)

3The boss competition regulator. (3,4)

4Solace reshapes as Dulux target. (6)

6What the economy creates. (initials, 3)

7DJs' arch-enemy. (4)

10Famous name ended survival battle by announcing breakup. (6)

11US group invented the computer mouse, known as a copy-cat these days. (5)

13Chaste and chased: now has four airlines on board. (6,9)

15Last name, former phone company bean-counter is now in postie's chair. (8)

16Takeover finally put pep into this company. (8)

18Last name, former PJK adviser walking away from the news. (9)

20Last name, Rio Tinto CEO. (8)

24He reformed Australia's super industry in 2012, last name. (7)

25Steeled itself to defend bid, but bidder went away. (6)

26Put on ice by new $US8.2 billion takeover deal. (4)

27Wall street's blue chip share index (initials, 4)

28Billionaire networking opportunity gone bad. (3)

30NYSE float valued this club at $US2.3 billion. (10, 6)

32$US1.9 trillion bond fund gets gross guidance. (5)

35British headache won't go away for this local bank. (3)

36The Bowen Basin is full of it. (4)

37Implied volatility measure, known in the markets as the Fear Index. (3)

39Revise as new yawn evaporates surplus. (5,4)

42Black gold, in vulgar parlance. (5)

44Plasma screens well for this company. (3)

45Packer's preferred site for a big new roll. (10)

47Dodged a bullet when iron ore price recovered. (9)

48New print media company director, has been buying shares. (4,5)

49Bid for Australand assets rejected in December. (3)

51Jokey echo sorts to slip into Wayne's world. (3,6)

522012 saw board short of ideas at this company. (9)

54The key inflation indicator (initials). (3)

55The number one target of investors everywhere after the global crisis. (5)

56Brian Hartzer is favourite to get baton pass from Kelly at this group. (7)


2Last name, new print CEO like a son and more to Rupert. (7)

3Iron ore billionaire is FXJ's largest shareholder, last name. (8)

5Nation most likely to be the sovereign debt crisis focus in 2013. (5)

8US, Britain, Japan central bank ploy that is keeping the $A high. (12,6)

9Polymer note company RBA wishes it had never heard of. (9)

10First name, ASX CEO. (10)

12Japanese group, paid $US20 billion for Sprint Nextel in the US. (8)

14The corporate plod. (4)

17Fear of falling over this hit world markets late in 2012. (6,5)

18His promise to "do what it takes" helped calm Europe in 2012. (5,6)

19The main Australian share index. (abbrev, 3,3)

21$US20 billion shale play underway. (3)

22Distressed magnate moves internal thanks for surviving 2012. (6,7)

23Freed up a billion by selling out of Consolidated Media. (5,6)

29Flying Kangaroo's new best friend. (8)

31New PM telling his central bank to go for growth. (6,3)

33NBN's go-to senator, last name. (6)

34Retailer has exciting ASX code. (3)

36World's number 2 economy, settling at 8 per cent after growth scare. (5)

38Shorthand for the 2008-2009 market meltdown. (initials, 3)

40Bank of England leader-in-waiting. (4,6)

41Says $2.8 billion offer isn't granular enough to get it to the altar. (9)

43LIBOR scandal roped in this bank late in 2012. (3)

46Greece, Spain and Italy have too much of it. (4)

50First on the line with 4G here. (7)

53It's yours, but Mark Scott runs it. (3)

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