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Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather

An interesting article by a transoceanic racing sailor in the Herald the other week lamented the lack of fish and seabirds in an ocean filled with rubbish. It got me thinking as I was steaming past Newport on my passage to Pittwater on the weekend, that those seabirds must have moved to Sydney instead. While migrating muttonbirds, aka shearwaters, are commonplace, never in my ocean travels have I seen so many. When the black mass of birds took to the air it was quite bizarre. Evidently, many are weakened by their annual journey from Bass Strait to the Bering Sea and back again. Natural attrition has seen many wash up on our beaches. They are understandably hungry, too, and anglers have been struggling to get a bait to the bottom. I had muttonbirds grabbing my lures at sea.

Mulloway off the menu

There are changes to the mulloway rules in NSW. Also known as jewfish, mulloway is one of the most popular and keenly targeted fish in the estuarine, inshore and offshore waters. From November 1, the allowable bag limit of mulloway reduced from five to just two fish an angler, while the legal size almost doubled from 45cm to 70cm.

Jet-skis on Pittwater

You get accustomed to not seeing jet-skis on Sydney Harbour after Bob Carr banned them in 2001. But head to Pittwater — they're everywhere. Jet-skis are also gaining a following among anglers. With Sea-Doo releasing a new Spark watercraft for $6999, they will only become more popular this summer.

A hearty wedding m'hearties

Good on the bride and groom who were seen staging a wedding party at Hallets Beach in Cowan Creek at the weekend. There were seven houseboats, a pile of merrymakers, and the theme was, you guessed it, pirates. Dressed in costume, the bridal pirate party headed to the beach for drinks well into the night. The next morning, they dusted themselves off, tidied up, and chuffed off downstream. All very well behaved and the crews on the neighbouring boats in the anchorage still got enough shut-eye. If only all onboard partygoers were so considerate.

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