Letters: Super tax concerns, foreign currency, dark pools

Readers are concerned about possible taxing of super pensions, and ask for more detail on High Frequency Trading and 'dark pools'.

Super pensions taxed?

Alan and Robert, I am just bringing to your attention that Peter Switzer interviewed Andrew Bloore of Super IQ and he suggested that a likely scenario was that superannuation pensions would be taxed in the future at 15% rather than remain tax free!

Name withheld

Buying foreign currency

My wife, Nicky, and I are intending to go to Europe next September and feel that it might be worthwhile locking in the current exchange rate at least with some reasonable proportion of our holiday budget. We were hoping that you might provide us with some options whereby we can do this without purchasing travellers cheques which simply lie around doing nothing by way of earnings.

This may be a topic that is of interest to a wider community of your readers and warrant an article.


Dark pools and HFT

Regarding Robert Gottliebsen’s article published in The Australian’s October 20-21 edition, I quote:   “…allowing large market-rigging pipes to be connected to trading floors”, and  “…move into what are called ‘dark pools’ to avoid the rigging”.

Would Mr Gottliebsen care to write an exclusive report for Eureka readers elaborating on the above quotes, and explaining in layman's terms the mechanics of rigging pipes and dark pools, etc?

C Wargent

Editor’s response: Both Alan Kohler and Robert Gottliebsen have written on these topics in more detail for our sister publication Business Spectator. Some of these articles can be found here and here.

A Speculator tip

To the Speculator, you might recall I wrote to you last year questioning why you so heavily focus on mining stocks when there are just as fantastic gains to be made in the bio/pharma sector – unless of course you are one trick ponies?

In the email I also recommended you look at Analytica Ltd (ALT) as they had research coming out and had featured in major newspapers. Well the stock ran from 1.8c  a share to 3.4c in a matter of days.

It is again that time I am recommending you to have a look at the stock.

- VLA secretary has just come on board (I saw you pumping VLA today)
- Negotiating with QLD Health to get product into 180 hospitals
- World class manufacturer in China engaged
- Trial at RPA hospital
- Undisclosed Brisbane hospital trial
- Negotiating with majors in US and EUR
- Already in us by NSW Ambulance and Concord Hospital

Doesn't take a genius to work out based on the above what they are gearing up for.

I Patrick

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