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We’re making changes to help you become more involved.

Summary: We’re launching model portfolios covering growth stocks, income stocks, LICs and international stocks. We’re also launching live, interactive events. Our brightday service offers a range of investment product options, including retail super and SMSF solutions.

Key take-out: We’re making changes to help you engage with our material and the people who put it together. We’re also helping you act on what you learn.

Key beneficiaries: General investors. Category: Strategy.

Welcome to a new era for Eureka Report. Today I want to explain how you might get the best possible value for your subscription with us. When we launched 10 years ago this month it was a different world. Believe it or not the majority of Australians were on dial-up connections and financial media looked very like it had been for the previous fifty years. 

Ten years later we know what subscribers want: Of course they wish to read the very best financial commentators and experts but they also need a way to 'engage' with the material and the people who put it together. 

Moreover, they also wish to act upon what they read… whether that is to make an investment, make a saving or simply to bolster their financial expertise. 

Keeping all that in mind we have 'enhanced' Eureka Report without removing or diluting the core editorial product which has become Australia's leading investment website.

So first, let's make it clear that what you already receive you will continue to receive. We have a Monday edition that specialises in helping you with active investing particularly through our direct stock recommendations. In the Wednesday edition we focus on broader issues of wealth management and what you need to know to run a balanced and diversified investment portfolio successfully. The week is then capped off on Saturday morning with Alan Kohler's weekend briefing email. 

Here are our key new features which compliment your existing Eureka Report

Model portfolios

You can read more widely on these portfolios in Simon Dumaresq's feature (Welcome to Eureka model portfolios). We are kicking off with two model portfolios: Growth Portfolio led by Simon Dumaresq and International Portfolio led by Clay Carter.  

In the weeks ahead we will be launching two more model portfolios: the income portfolio with a new analyst who we will announce shortly and Mitchell Sneddon (who we have just hired from Clime Ltd). 

One important point about the model portfolios: If you want to work these lists of selected stocks in the optimum fashion then you have to buy them all at the weightings (or proportions) suggested by the analysts... they are quite finely balanced. Of course you can ignore this suggestion and simply cherry pick the lists but if you do, you can't expect the outcome we expect and the reporting services on the portfolios will be of little use to you. 

Eureka interactive

We sincerely believe our audiences wants to engage more with us and the simple model of publishing or broadcasting what we think you should be doing is no longer sufficient. 

And so, just about every day you will find an opportunity to get directly involved in Eureka Report through offering questions or comments into our events; we will do our best to answer every question we get at every event.

Looking the next few days for example: On Thursday at 10am we have Gavin Rezos, CEO at Alexium. On Monday morning Alan Kohler will be interviewing Daniel Foggo the CEO of peer-to-peer lending company Ratesetter. On Monday afternoon at 3.15 Alan and I will be presenting Inside Line live. Later in the week on Friday at noon I will be doing a live webcast with our master of asset allocation Dr Doug Turek. As a subscriber you can put log in questions in advance for these sessions (your questions would be very welcome) or you can join live at the time and ask questions while the segment is running.  

We would also very much like to hear who you want us to speak to: Let us know which Eureka Report contributors you want to quiz, which CEOs or CFOs, CTOs, fund managers, stockbrokers... whatever, we don't mind who you'd like to hear from.

So get out your diary! You can see the calendar at any time on the home page (or simply click here). 

Investing accounts 

James Leplaw, general manager of Eureka Report, writes: 

The brightday service, which offers a range of investment product options, has been running since January 1. We are delighted with the response from both Eureka Report subscribers and general investors to date. 

Today as we celebrate Eureka Report's 10th birthday with a range of new features I want to draw your attention to the Investing Accounts section on the Eureka Report website. This is your gateway into brightday services and if you have not already had a guided tour I urge you to do so now. Click here.

As we explain, the brightday range of products combines our investing advice and expertise, with the ability to make and manage your investments, all online in the same place.

We have four main products: 

  • Complete Super is Eureka Report’s retail super fund, offering more choice and flexibility than any retail fund in Australia.
  • Complete Pension is Eureka Report’s pension product, providing income in retirement as well as the continued opportunity to invest.
  • Total SMSF is Eureka Report’s complete SMSF solution, enabling you to do all your research, investing and reporting, all online, all in one place while we take care of all the compliance, audit and accounting for you.
  • Flexi SMSF is Eureka Report’s SMSF investing solution, enabling you to use your existing SMSF to make and switch investments, as well as manage and report on them, through a single log in.   

I'm sure one of these products will suit your investment profile and I'd like to think in another 10 years the team at Eureka Report and the team at brightday will be here again with much more to celebrate. 

InvestSMART FORUM: Come and meet the team

We're loading up the van and going on tour from April to June, with events on the NSW central & north coast, the QLD mid-north coast and in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Come and meet the team and take home simple strategies that you can use to build an investment portfolio to weather any storm. Book your spot here.

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