How our CEO is investing right now

InvestSMART's CEO was asked about his investment strategy at the start of COVID-19. A month and half on, we get an update.

On Wednesday, 11th of March we were in Brisbane for what turned out to be the last of our roadshows, so it was lucky we recorded the event. Markets were incredibly volatile, swinging wildly from one day to the next. During the Q&A someone asked our panelists how they were investing at the time. This clip is how our CEO, Ron Hodge responded.

Fast forward a month and a half and the world is a different place yet again. So, we thought we would take up the Q&A again with Ron:

Are you still adding every week to your portfolio?

Equity markets have calmed down a bit since the video, so I have now moved to monthly contributions. However, I continue to contribute more each month than I did before February and most likely will for some time. I don’t know when the markets will bottom or if they have bottomed already, nor do I care really, by slowly adding to my portfolio over time means I don’t miss out on capturing the upside when markets do rebound. I am investing for the long term so plenty of time to ride out the highs and the lows.

Do you think we are in for more volatility like we saw in the pre lockdown days?

I think the markets have now come to grips with the risks of COVID19 and the potential economic fallout. I doubt we are out of the woods yet, but markets are generally forward-looking and so have a pretty good grasp of what could happen next. I continue to add to my portfolio each month knowing that there will always be ups and downs but long term I should expect to get my circa 8% returns in a growth portfolio.

Besides work, what are you doing to occupy yourself in lockdown?

Homeschooling my annoying children and a new Boxer puppy named Tilly which was supposed to distract them but is more intent on distracting me seems to make time in lockdown pass quickly.  


Ron invests in the InvestSMART High Growth Portfolio which is part of the InvestSMART Diversified Capped Fee range. Click here to find out more.

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