In this week's essential reading guide Kohler spots a safety bubble, Gottliebsen lambastes Australia's message to investors, Bartholomeusz spotlights James Packer's timing and Maley dissects ECB machinations.

Waiting for the safety bubble to pop
Alan Kohler
The end of 30 years of living high on debt is nigh. Unfortunately, when everyone has run for the exits there is nowhere left to hide.

Australia to world: "Don't invest here"
Robert Gottliebsen

The Fair Work Act and the carbon tax are sending the wrong message to investors. As a result, more mining projects will be shelved.

Mario faces a Frankfurt bunfight
Karen Maley
Fury over Mario Draghi's failure to consult the ECB board on his eurozone rescue plan is dividing the central bank and giving extra ammunition to a savage backlash from Germany.

A case of perfect Packer timing
Stephen Bartholomeusz
The timing of the ACCC's approval of News' takeover of ConsMedia and Packer's deal with Lend Lease for the Barangaroo development dovetail perfectly.

Shorten's been cheated of a Fair Work fight
Rob Burgess
Had today's Fair Work Act review found huge problems, Labor may have been able to instigate the IR fight with the Coalition it desperately needs.

Bargain for a Fair Work flop
Alan Kohler
Yesterday's Fair Work review was nobbled from the beginning by the government's compulsion towards a culture of wealth redistribution.

Draghi's threat to Europe's middle class
Oliver Marc Hartwich
As political inaction handballs the European debt crisis conundrum to the ECB, its president, Mario Draghi, is ready with a plan that will see the continent's majority middle class shoulder the cost.

BHP Billiton's desperate Olympic race
Robert Gottliebsen
Reasons for any deferral of Olympic Dam are deeper than China's slowdown and indicate BHP may not be the right company to develop Australia’s richest mineral deposit alone.

Will Facebook's frailty doom the NBN?
Stephen Bartholomeusz
The view that wireless and fixed line broadband are complementary is being reconsidered in the wake of Facebook's costly user trends. The public's appetite for wireless broadband does not bode well for the NBN.

The price of Dutch deviance
Karen Maley
Deutsche Bank's confession of Libor rigging, and initiation of a massive structural and cultural overhaul, comes as its peers take giant steps to pay the costs of risky behaviour, both legal and criminal.

The myth of the Australian real estate raiders
Phillip Soos
There is a perception that China is leading a devastating raid on Australian real estate, driving prices high. But the – suspiciously hard to get – figures say the culprits are here at home.

Has Barnett caught wind of bigger tax reforms?
Rob Burgess
The WA premier is lobbying hard for a bigger slice of the GST pie, and if Tony Abbott has major tax reform plans his demands would make far more sense.

CLIMATE SPECTATOR: A renewed clean price hope
Daniel Palmer
A landmark government report shows wind and solar PV to be Australia’s cheapest electricity sources come 2030, with wind the leader by 2020. It highlights the potential for a clean energy transformation by 2050.

Tracing Australia's true energy outlook
Keith Orchison
Like witnesses to a crime, stakeholders in the production of Australia's electricity have all given their own interpretation on Canberra's latest official energy report.

High time to rise the GST
Leon Gettler
The looming costs of our ageing population will make the GST in its current form look like a picnic. Raising the tax is the best way to avoid a future budget crisis.

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