Diversified Portfolios - InvestSMART Income - 31 January 2017

InvestSMART Income Portfolio January Report



After a strong December, markets generally retreated in the month of January with Australian equities returning -0.8% for the month and international equities returning -2.4%.

The InvestSMART Diversified Income portfolio returned -0.4% over the month of January. Australian equities detracted from performance for the month. It is worth noting that the portfolio does not have any exposure to international equities, while the benchmark does, this was a positive in the month of January.

Australian REITs posted a negative return over the month of -4.7% which was a continuation of the trend we saw in the latter half of last year as investors inflation expectations have risen, bond proxies such as REITs have been impacted.

Within fixed interest the portfolio's exposure to Australian government bonds returned 0.6% for the month as did the exposure to Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund. It is worth noting that the exposure to the Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund has returned 5.2% over the past year compared to 2.2% for the broader Australian bond market and relative to cash which returned 2.0% for the year. Overall the Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund has been a positive contributor not only in terms of return but also in risk-adjusted terms in that it has generally been less volatile than bonds.

Since inception the portfolio continues to track ahead of its cash 1% objective by around 1.2% after investment fees.


The investment objective is to maximise annual income while minimising capital losses over three year rolling periods by investing in a diverse mix of asset classes covering Australian equities, international equities, property, infrastructure, alternatives, fixed interest and cash.


The portfolio continues to hold a significant weight to Australian equities given its high yielding characteristics relative to other asset classes as well as what we believe to be reasonably attractive valuations. Taking into account the additional benefit of franking credits, holding Australian equities as part of an overall income portfolio allows investors to generate a higher level of income than they would from more traditional sources of income, such as fixed interest and cash, especially in a low interest rate environment. However, investors need to accept that there will be higher levels of volatility than what a traditional "income" portfolio may have had in the past.

Within fixed interest the portfolio holds Australian government bonds and has an exposure to Australian credit and overseas securities. The portfolio is expected to do well in an environment where Australian equities outperform other asset classes and where credit outperforms government bonds. The portfolio will lag the benchmark when international equities do well as the portfolio does not currently hold any international equity exposure. The portfolio has a significant allocation to equities therefore investors should be willing to accept a reasonably high degree of capital volatility, which could result in a short-term fall in the portfolio's value of around 18%.

Growth of $10,000

Income Reinvested

Asset Allocation as at 31 JANUARY 2017

Source: Praemium, RBA
Returns are after fees and before expenses. Returns are shown as annualised if the period is over 1 year. * Since Inception (SI) date is 29 December 2014.

InvestSMART Income Portfolio -0.41% 1.98% -0.67% 7.08% 4.11%
Morningstar Multisector Moderate Index -0.37% 1.20% -0.37% 5.20% 4.24%
Excess to Benchmark -0.04% 0.78% -0.30% 1.88% -0.14%
RBA Cash Rate 1% 0.21% 0.63% 1.27% 2.73% 2.94%
Excess to Objective -0.62% 1.35% -1.94% 4.35% 1.16%

Peformance Summary to 31 January 2017


Contribution to Return 1 Month to 31 January 2017

Important Information

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